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Selected Topics in 2008 Annual Report at Sendai

2010/06/02(Wed) 10:26
1. High Field High -Tc Superconductors
1) In-Plane Electrical Resistivity in Magnetic Fields and Stripe Correlations in La2-xSrxCuO4 around x = 0.2
 Dept. of Appl. Phys., Tohoku University: T. Adachi, H. Sato, Y. Koike
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Kudo, N. Kobayashi
2) Variety of the Flux Pinning State Diagrams for Various c-axis Correlated Pinning Centers
 IMR, Tohoku University: S. Awaji, M. Namba, K. Watanabe
 Dept. of Elect. Eng. Sci., Nagoya University: Y. Yoshida
 Dept. of Mat. Sci., Kyushu Institute of Technology: K. Matsumoto
2. High Field Low-Tc Superconductors
3) Upper Critical Field of Iron Silicide Superconductor Lu2Fe3Si5
 Dept. of App. Phys., University of Tokyo: Y. Nakajima, H. Hidaka, T. Tamegai
 IMR, Tohoku University: T. Nishizaki, T. Sasaki, N. Kobayashi
4) Study on Three-Dimensional Strain and Superconducting Properties for Practical Nb3Sn Wires
 IMR, Tohoku University: H. Oguro, G. Nishijima, S. Awaji, K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
5) Neutron Irradiation Effect on Critical Current of Superconducting Wires
 FERC, National Institute for Fusion Science: A. Nishimura, Y. Hishinuma, M. Sakamoto
 IMR, Tohoku University: G. Nishijima, K. Watanabe
3. Magnetism in High Fields
6) NMR Studies of Triplet Localization in the Quantum Spin System NH4CuCl3
 Dept. of Phys., Sophia University: T. Goto, A. Oosawa
 IMR, Tohoku University: T. Sasaki, N. Kobayashi
 Dept. of Phys., Tokyo Institute of Technology: H. Tanaka
7) Bose-Einstein Condensation of Cr5+ Antiferromagnetic Dimmer System
 IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Oshima, H. Nojiri
 Dept. of Phys., University of Virginia: M. Kofu, S. H. Lee
 Institue for Solid State Phys., University of Tokyo: H. Ueda, Y. Ueda
4. Other High Field Physical Properties
8) Magnetic Field Induced Polarization Flop in TmMn2O5 and YbMn2O5
 IMRAM, Tohoku University: M. Fukunaga, Y. Sakamoto, H. Kimura, Y. Noda
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Takahashi
9) Unusually Small Electrical Resistance of Three-Dimensional Nanoporous Gold in External Magnetic Fields
 WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University: T. Fujita, M. W. Chen
 IMR, Tohoku University: H. Okada, K. Koyama, K.Watanabe, S. Maekawa
10) Magnetotoransport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes by Contactless Method
 IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Oshima, T. Takenobu, Y. Iwasa, H. Nojiri
 AIST: K. Yanagi, Y. Miyata, H. Kataura, K. Hata
5. Chemistry, Biology and Crystal Growth in High Fields
11) Mechanical Properties of Magnetically Aligned Crystalline Polymer
 Dept. of App. Chem., Tokyo Metropolitan University: M. Yamato
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
6. High Field Magnet Technology and Related Experimental Technique
12) Development of Scanning Tunneling Microscope for 18 T Cryocooled Superconducting Magnet
 IMR, Tohoku University: T. Nishizaki, N. Kobayashi
13) Development of the High-Field X-ray Powder Diffraction Camera
 IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Mitsui, K. Koyama, K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
 Sch. Engineering. Tohoku University: A. Fujita