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Selected Topics in 2007 Annual Report at Sendai

2008/09/10(Wed) 15:16
1. High Field High -Tc Superconductors
1) Characterization of Current Transport Properties in RE1 Ba2Cu3O7-δ Coated Conductors Targeting
   High Field Magnet Applications
 Dep. of EESE, Kyushu University: T. Kiss, M. Inoue
 IMR, Tohoku University: S. Awaji, K. Watanabe
 ISTEC-SRL: Y. Shiohara
2) Characteristics of c-Axis-Correlated Vortex Pinning on YBa2 Cu3Oy Films
   with Heavy-Ion Irradiation
 IMR, Tohoku University: M. Namba, S. Awaji, K. Watanabe, T.Nojima
 JAEA: S.Okayasu
2. High Field Low-Tc Superconductors
3) Transverse Compressive Stress Properties of Nb3Sn Superconducting Wires with Internal
   or External CuNb Reinforced Structure
 Fac. of Engineering, Iwate University: K. Kasaba , Y. Ishikawa, Y. Tsunematsu
 IMR, Tohoku University: G. Nishijima , S. Awaji, K. Watanabe
 The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd: K. Miyoshi
3. Magnetism in High Fields
4) Transport Measurements of a Heavy Fermion Compound URu2Si2 under High Magnetic Field
 Dep. Phys., Kyoto University: H. Shishido, T. Shibauchi, M. Matsuda
 IMR, Tohoku University: T. Sasaki, N. Kobayashi
 Adv. Sci. Res. Ctr. JAEA: T. D. Matsuda, Y. Haga, Y. Ônuki
5) Low-Temperature Calorimetry of a Coordination Network Compound of Single-Molecule Magnets
 Dept. of Chemistry, Osaka University: S. Yamashita, Y. Nakazawa
 IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Oshima, H. Nojiri
 Dept. of Chemistry, Tohoku University: K. Nakata, M. Yamashita, H. Miyasaka
4. Other High Field Physical Properties
6) Field-Induced Spin-Density Wave Transitions
   in Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductor ( TMTTF)2Br
 Fac. of Science, Hokkaido University: N. Matsunaga, K. Nomura, A. Kawamoto
 Fac. of Engineering, Hokkaido University: K. Ichimura
 IMR, Tohoku University: T. Sasaki
5. Chemistry, Biology and Crystal Growth in High Fields
7) Magnetic Control of Crystal Structures
 Dep. of Chem. Eng., Iwate University: K. Shimizu, M. Yokota, N. Doki
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
8) Study of Magnetic Alignment of Crystalline Polymer
 Dep. of App. Chem., Tokyo Metropolitan University: M. Yamato
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
9) Mechanism of c-axis Orientation of L10FePt in FePt/B2O3 Thin Films
 Dep. of Mat. Sci. & Eng., Kyoto University: T. Ichitsubo, E. Matsubara
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Takahashi, K. Watanabe
6. High Field Magnet Technology and Related Experimental Technique
10) Design Study of a φ 400-20T Compact Superconducting Magnet
 Toshiba Corporation: S. Hanai, S. Kimura , M. Ono, K. Koyanagi
 IMR, Tohoku University: K. Watanabe, S. Awaji, G. Nishijima
 Grad. School of Eng., Tohoku University: T. Hamajima
 SMC, National Institute for Materials Science: T. Kiyoshi, H. Kumakura
11) Hoop Stress Test for CVD-YBCO Coated Conductor
 IMR, Tohoku University: G. Nishijima , H. Oguro, S. Awaji, K. Watanabe
 Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. : K. Shikimachi, N. Hirano, S. Ngaya
12) Development of an X-Ray Diffraction System
   in High Magnetic Fields and High Temperature
 IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Mitsui, K. Koyama, K. Watanabe