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2008/05/28(Wed) 15:26

Precise Measurement of Density of Electromagnetic Levitated Melt in Static Magnetic Fields



We have been newly developed the density measurement method using EML technique combined with static magnetic fields. We observed that the shape of the electromagnetically levitated droplet under a static magnetic field keep a rotational symmetry around vertical axis without the surface deformations. We can, therefore, precisely measure the density of Si melt with wide temperature range including large undercooling regions, and we confirmed that Si melt density has maximum value around 1200K.

Dep. of Phys., Gakushuin University: M. Watanabe, M. Adachi, T. Aoyagi
Fac. of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University: S. Ozawa, N. Takenaga, T. Hibiya
IMRAM, Tohoku University:H. Kobatake, H. Fukuyama
IMR, Tohoku University: S. Awaji

Reference: M. Watanabe, M. Adachi, K. Higuchi, H. Kobatake, H. Fukuyama, and T. Morishita,
“Does exist density maximum in supercooled liquid silicon?” Faraday Discussions, 136 (2007) in press.


東北大学金属材料研究所:淡路 智