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2008/05/28(Wed) 14:57

Reversal of Ferroelectric Polarization in TbMnO3 Induced by Rotation of Magnetic Field Direction



TbMnO3 with an orthorhombically distorted perovskite structure shows gigantic magnetoelectric effects originating from the ferroelectricity induced by magnetic order. We have investigated the change in its electric polarization with sweeping magnetic field along various paths. With sweeping a magnetic field from +9 T to -9 T, the direction of electric polarization returns to the initial state after 90-digree flopping twice. In contract, the electric polarization is reversed by the rotation of a magnetic field by 180 degrees around the c-axis.

IMRAM, Tohoku University: N. Abe, K. Taniguchi, T. Arima
IMR, Tohoku University: Y. Iwasa

Reference: N. Abe, K. Taniguchi, S. Otani, T. Takenobu, Y. Iwasa, and T. Arima,
“Polarization reversal in multiferroic TbMnO3 with rotating magnetic-field direction”, in preparation.