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2008/05/28(Wed) 14:34

Magnetostructural Phase Transitions of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Sputtered Films



The magnetic field (MF) induced structural phase transformation was investigated for the constraint-aged (CA) Ni50.4Mn23.5Ga20.0Fe6.1 film by an XRD apparatus in high MF up to 5 T. The 7 layers modulated martensitic phase (14M) was stabilized by the MF. The shape memory effect (SME) by the MF was observed around martensitic transformation (MT) temperature on cooling for the Ni52.2Mn24.5Ga20.4Fe2.9 film. It was considered that the MF induced SME was appeared by the inducting the MT with MF.

IMRAM, Tohoku University: M. Ohtsuka, J. Sekino, K. Itagaki
IFS, Tohoku University: T. Takagi
IMR, Tohoku University: K. Koyama

Reference:M. Ohtsuka, J. Sekino, K. Koyama, T. Takagi, K. Itagaki,
“Magnetostructural phase transformation and shape memory effect of Fe-added Ni2MnGa films”,
to be presented in E-MRS 2007

Ni50.4Mn23.5Ga20.0Fe6.1合金拘束時効処理膜 (673 K - 3.6 ks) における磁場誘起構造相変態を最大5 Tの強磁場中でX線回折装置を用いて調査した結果,磁場印加に伴い7層長周期構造を有するマルテンサイト相 (14M) が安定化することが確認された.また,Ni52.2Mn24.5Ga20.4Fe2.9拘束時効処理膜 (673 K - 0.12 ks) では,冷却過程のマルテンサイト変態温度近傍 (T = 338 K) において,磁場誘起形状記憶効果の発現が確認された.

東北大学多元物質科学研究所:大塚 誠,関野淳平,板垣乙未生