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2008/04/08(Tue) 14:38

High Field 31P NMR Study of Filled Skutterudite Compound SmRu4P12

Filled skutterudite compound SmRu4P12 has successive phase transition at 16.5 K and 15 K in zero field. The higher temperature, T, transition is considered as a magnetic octapole order and the lower T transition as an antiferromagnetic order. The field dependence of the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate 1/T1 (31P) has shown that the anomaly associated with the antiferromagnetic order is vague at low field. With increasing field, apparent anomalies associated with respective transitions were observed.

Fac. of Sci., Chiba University: Y. Kohori, H. Fukazawa, K. Hachitani
IMR, Tohoku University: K. Koyama

充填スクッテルダイト化合物SmRu4P12は,零磁場では16.5 Kで八極子秩序と考えられる相転移を示し,引き続き15以下で反強磁性秩序が発生すると考えられている.31P-NMRの測定結果から,二つの相転移は低磁場では不明確であるが,磁場の増加と共に徐々に離れて行き,150kOeで明確に分離していることが分かる.

千葉大学理学部:小堀 洋, 深澤英人, 蜂谷健一