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2008/04/08(Tue) 13:58

Development of 18 T Helium-Free Superconducting Magnet
18 Tヘリウムフリー超伝導マグネットの開発

We designed and fabricated an 18T Helium-free superconducting magnet with 52mm room temperature bore. The magnet is optimized to produce high field of 18T, and so it consists of a NbTi outer coil, three Nb3Sn coils with Cu/NbTi reinforced conductor, a Nb3Sn coil with high critical current conductor and a Bi2223 insert coil using two types of cryocoolers. The magnet is successfully excited up to 18.1T, which is highest magnetic field, by Helium-free superconducting magnet in the world.

Toshiba: S. Hanai, M. Kyoto, T. Kurusu, K. Tasaki, M. Takahashi
IMR, Tohoku University: K. Watanabe, S. Awaji, G. Nishijima

Reference: T. Kurusu, M. Ono, S. Hanai, M. Kyoto, H. Takigami, H. Takano,K. Watanabe, S. Awaji, K. Koyama, and G. Nishijima, "A Cryocooler-Cooled 19 T Superconducting Magnet with 52 mm Room Temperature Bore", IEEE Trans. Appl. Superconduct., Vol. 14, No.2 pp.393, June 2004.


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