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2008/04/07(Mon) 22:00

React-and-Wind Method Employing Nb3Sn Wires with CuNbTi Reinforcement for a Cryogen-Free Superconducting Magnet

We intended to develop a Nb3Sn coil by a react-and-wind method for a wide bore cryogen-free superconducting magnet, em-ploying CuNbTi reinforced Nb3Sn wires. The CuNbTi reinforced Nb3Sn coil in a background field of 5.6 T generated 7.5 T in a 220 mm room temperature bore, and is now being used for a high field heat-treatment equipment at 7 T. This wide bore furnace provides special heat-treatment conditions of high temperature 1500 ℃ in fields up to 7.0 T in a 40 mm sample bore.

IMR, Tohoku University: K. Watanabe, G. Nishijima, S. Awaji, K. Takahashi
Sumitomo Heavy Industries: M. Ishizuka, T. Hasebe
Furukawa Electric Co.: K. Miyoshi, S. Meguro
Reference: K. Watanabe, G. Nishijima, S Awaji, K. Takahashi, K. Miyoshi, S. Megro, M. Ishizuka and T Hasebe, "Cryogen-free superconducting magnet fabricated by a react-and-wind method employing Nb3Sn wires with CuNbTi reinforcement", ICEC2004, Beijing

CuNbTiで強化したNb3Sn線材を用いて大口径無冷媒超伝導マグネットに適用できるR&W法Nb3Snコイルの開発を試みた.CuNbTi 補強Nb3Snコイルは5.6 TのバックアップNbTiコイルのもとで,室温空間φ220 mmの貫通ボアに7.5 Tを発生し,7 Tの熱処理炉として使われている.40 mm試料空間に7 Tで1500 ℃の高温熱処理ができる.

東北大学 金属材料研究所:渡辺和雄,西島 元,淡路 智, 高橋弘紀