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2018/11/15(Thu) 16:26

The laboratory is the leading facility for High-Tc based high field magnets based on cryogen free magnet technology. It was established in April 1981 as a research facility for developing superconducting materials for fusion reactors. In 1986, a hybrid magnet which generates steady high magnetic fields up to 31 T was installed. It consists of a superconducting outer solenoid and of a water-cooled inner one with maximum steady power consumption of 8 MW.

In 1992, the first cryogen-free superconducting magnet was developed basedon the original technology developed in the laboratory. In 2011, a cryogen free hybrid magnet of 28 T was introduced and 20 T cryogen free superconducting magnet was also installed in 2012. The present highest cryogen free magnet is 25 T CSM which was installed in 2015. As such, the laboratory is contributing to the development of cryogen free magnet technologies.

The laboratory also provides instruments for measuring various physical properties. Application of high magnetic field for materials processing is also carried out. The magnets and instruments are open to researchers investigating superconducting, magnetic, semiconducting and other materials. Both domestic and oversea researches can use the laboratory by submitting proposal. A part of the travel expense is supported for accepted proposal.