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Selected Topics 2013

2018/11/17(Sat) 12:54
1. High Feild High -Tc Superconductors
1) Realization of Practical Level Current Densities in Sr0.6K0.4F2As2 Tape Conductors for High-Field Applications
 J. Shimoyama1, Y. Setoyama1, S. Yamaki1 and S. Awaji2
 X. P. Zhang1, C. Yao1, H. Lin1, C. H. Dong1, Q. J. Zhang1, Q. J. Zhang1, D. L. Wang1,
 Y. Ma1, H. Oguro2, S. Awaji2 and K. Watanabe2
 1 IEE, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
2) Clarification of Flux Pinning Mehanisms of Precisely Chemical Composition Controlled RE123 Superconductors
 J. Shimoyama1, Y. Setoyama1, S. Yamaki1 and S. Awaji2
 1 School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
2. High Feild Low -Tc Superconductors
3) Critical Current Characteristics of a Nb-Rod-Processed Cu-Nb Reinforced Nb3 Sn Stand Used for a High-Strength Nb3Sn Rutherford Cable
 M. Sugimoto1, H. Tsubouchi1, S. Endoh1, A. Takagi1, K. Watanabe2, S. Awaji2 and H. Oguro2
 1 Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
3. Magnetism in High Fields
4) High-Field Raman Spectroscopy of the Frustrated Pyrochlore Lattice Antiferromagnet CdCr2O4
 Y. Sawada1, S. Kimura1, K. Watanabe1 and H. Ueda2
 1 IMR, Tohoku University
 2 Department of Science, Kyoto University
5) Effect of High Magnetic Field on Directional Dichroism in CuB2O4
 S. Toyoda1, N.D. Khanh1, N. Abe1, T. Arima1 and S. Kimura2
 1 Dept. of Adv. Mat. Sci., The University of Tokyo
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
4. Transport Porperties in High Fields
6) Emergence of a High Mobility Hole Type Carrier in Ba(Fe1-xMnxAs)2
 T. Urata1, Y. Tanabe1, K.K. Huynh2, H. Oguro3, K. Watanabe3 and K. Tanigaki1,2
 1 Dept. of Phys., Tohoku University
 2 WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University
 3 IMR, Tohoku University
5. Chemistry, Biology and Crystal Growth in High Fields
7) Crystallization Kinetics of High Iron Concentration Amorphous Alloy under High Magnetic Fields
R. Onodera1, S. Kimura1, K. Watanabe1, Y. Yokoyama1, A. Makino1 and K.Koyama2
 1 IMR, Tohoku University
 2 Dept. of Sci. and Eng., Kagoshima University
8) Effect of Strong Gradient Magnetic Fields on Coerivity of Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets duing Grain-Boundary Diffusion Processing of Dy
 H. Kato1, K. Shoji1, Y. Mizuno1, K. Koike1 and K. Takanashi2
 1 Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University,
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
9) Controlled Morphology for Poly(L-Lactic acid) Films as Biobase Polymers
 H. Ikake1, R. Nakayama1, Y. Muroga1, K. Takahashi2 and K. Watanabe2
 1 Coll. of Sci. & Tech., Nihon University
 2 IMR, Tohoku University
6. High Field Magnet Technology and Related Experimental Technique
10) Upgrade of an 18T Cryogen-Free Superconducting Magnet
 H. Hashizume1, S. Ito1, D. Isshiki1 and H. Oguro2
 1 Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University
 2 IMR, Tohoku University