@This laboratory was established in April 1981 in order to provide research facilities for the development of superconducting materials which would be used for superconducting magnets for the plasma confinement in fusion reactors. The main equipment is a hybrid magnet which generates steady high magnetic fields up to 31 T. The hybrid magnet consists of a superconducting outer solenoid and of a water-cooled inner one with maximum steady power consumption of 8 MW. In addition superconducting magnets which has been developed by our laboratory are installed.
@The laboratory also provides instruments for measuring various physical properties. These facilities are open to scientists and engineers on superconductors and other materials. Cooperative research programs are under way in a nationwide scale.
@Basic research and materials developments of high-temperature superconductors are the most important research subject of this laboratory. New application research of magnetic field for materials development process is also carried out.